Friday, June 22, 2012

Identify your mindset then!!!

Different people, Different mindsets!!! Totally agreed... Some people may do not know what is the type of their mindset is, me too. I just read a book called "You can fly" by Ismail Gafoor, I can note that there are simply 2 big kinds of mindset people are possessing now-Sarcastic and Abundant Mindset; which make people think differently on what they see and understand.

So now let's go to find out yours; which between these 2 mindsets is yours! First let's take a look at Sarcastic mindset-a bit pessimistic thought that an opportunity is so rare to happen because society around is too monopolized, so let's immediately grab a chance. For example, people possessing sarcastic mindset always think that they have only one life, so don't let it pass easily and fast.

Next is talking about Abundant mindset. It is about the optimistic mindset which lets people think that there are many chances in the world and they
Wait for next chance???

surely can grab those chance whenever they want. Like people waiting a bus, if they cannot catch a bus this time, sure they can get the next bus. Here is what such abundant mindset people they think of themselves.

There we go! See the differences? I can say that there is right or wrong mindset selected or mentioned; it is about the situation and context that people possessing those mindset in. Sometimes, if a real society is so sarcastic in opportunity, then I agreed that Sarcastic one is the best; however, if we are living i a freedom and full of opportunities, how come you limit and pressure yourself to hold that pessimistic thought dudes!!!

Can you now find out which one you possessing yet? I have a tip how you can identify it. Just simple simple strategy... Pay me a coffee then I will tell :D

LOVE? Easy Make But Hard to Keep

Before we come up into the right real situation, lemme share you with a good story I got from yahoo question and answer site as in the following:

A student asked his teacher, "What is love?"

The teacher said, "to get an answer to your question, go to the wheat field, get the biggest wheat grain, and come back, but the rule is - you can go through the field only once and cannot turn back to pick."

The student went to the field, gone through the first row, and saw one big wheat grain. But he wondered....may be there is a bigger one elsewhere.
Then he saw a bigger one. But may be there is a still bigger one waiting....
Later, when he finished more than half of the wheat field, he realized that the wheat grains there are not as big as the previous one. He realized that he has missed the biggest one.

So, he ended up the search and went back empty hand. The teacher told him, "That is love! If you keep looking for a better one, you could have missed the right person!"
"Then, what is marriage?" the student asked.

The teacher said, "to get an answer to your question, go to the same wheat field again, and get the biggest corn. Same rule as before!"

The student went to the corn field. This time he is very careful not to repeat the previous mistake. When he reached the middle of the field, he picked one good sized corn. He felt satisfied, and came back.

The teacher told him, "You have looked for one that is just good for you, instead of coming back empty handed. That is marriage!"
"What is Friendship then?" the student asked.

The teacher said, "in order to answer that question, go to the same field and choose the wheat that appears nice to you. The rule is the same."

The student went to the field. This time he is very careful. As he started scanning the field, he has picked many grains that suited his taste and come back to the teacher.

The teacher told him, "You looked for one that is just nice for you, and did not look for the best. That is Friendship".

I think all the answers which the teacher shared to students are hitting the points you want to know already, but our main point is that we know what is Love already but why we still come up with question why it is very easy to make it but so hard to keep it for last long?

Agreed to word says people's emotion is not stayed-still and also changed! People always compare their partner with other people as in the story the student did not pick the first grain because one thought that there would be another bigger and better than the first or second one. One changed and came back with nothing. In reality is also not totally different. If you think you have many choices and always try new and new things, you one day will face up to such case.

Surely, finding the person you can go the distance with isn’t so easy. Maybe one of the reasons you find it hard to keep that love alive is because you aren’t choosing the right partner.

The truth is you can’t stay in love with the wrong person no matter what you do. And you can’t stay in a relationship when you aren’t ready to be in one.

I know it is hardly to talk about love and relationship, but my suggestion is that if you are not ready, please don't make it because it will affect badly to your everything around you; however, if you are done and well prepared, go for it! Make sure your love one is the right one for you and please avoid comparing with other people mates!!!

Working procrastinatively?

No more procrastination...

You have it? Yes I have it. It is the situation which you avoid doing something you don't want to do but need to be done ( I can say I can escape from procrastination but at least I know how to by my readings and now here we go:

1. Set a realistic goals: you may feel having too much work or overwhelmed with many things that need to be done. Simply, just give yourself some times to break your work into small tasks. I mean we can start to do a check-list or to-do list.

2. No one is perfect, so start doing your work with your passion to do. Remember that do it as much and good as possible and make sure that it is all of your best. For instant, if you write a letter, it is logic that you cannot perfectly present all of your good points by that paper. Just make it interesting and attractive.

3. Value your time more: think effectively how to spend your time by not wasting it. Moreover, you will find it take less time to finish the task than it does to worry about how to finish it.Spent time effectively and don't waste it...

4. Get a work buddy is a good idea! (I am finding a few too). Your friends can keep you on track to your tasks and work. Just spend time with them to sit and discuss about the progress of work... Let see how it will be effective...

Note:Check if it works or not. If yes, ok go:
- Reward yourself regularly if the job is done-this will encourage you on more goals
If No, go:
- Ask for help from your friends or parents. They can follow you at anytime you lose in working or procrastination...